About Us

Yaagi Founded in 2011, we are a company dedicated in the business of Marketing-at-Retail industry. We provide the drive for brands to grow leaps and bounds by supplying the right components across all major industry verticals. As a pragmatic retail identity company we provide unified executions, the right value for money, and enhanced user experience by creating tailor-made innovative products & solutions and unique visual promoting designs so that your brand enhances its positioning in the market.

Yaagi provides full suite of solutions for the Indian retail landscape by developing perfect collaborations across all retail stages - Design, Manufacture, and Installation across Kerala. We partner with our clients to help them realize their goals by providing them our compelling retail solutions and strategies.

Our teams focusing in their areas are developing the latest technologies. We are keen on delivering our service on time with maximum perfection and unparalleled quality. For that we employ the latest and update our team in respective areas to ensure you getting your projects delivered as promised or sooner. All these are getting done by a team of highly qualified professionals and specialists who ensure highest quality control and service ethics in the art of printing.

We listen. And we listen absorbedly. You’ll enjoy a personalized quality service. Whatever your specifications, timeline or budget, our dedicated team of marketing and customer servicing staff will have the right answer for you. You can be contingent on us for a detailed, tailor-made solution in all our areas to suit your budget and your necessities. In short, we put you head and shoulders above the competition, but at the same time, keep the cost at a very realistic and competitive level.